Circular Saw Safety

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Portable Circular Saw Notes



Proper eye protection must be worn—operate only with instructor’s permission and after proper

instructions have been received.


  • All materials must be well supported and securely clamped down.
  • Adjust the depth of cut to the thickness of the stock (material) plus 1/8 inch.
  • Make sure the power cord is clear of the blade and that your work area is clean before you start cutting.
  • Check the base and angle adjustments to be sure they are tight.
  • Always place the base of the saw on the stock you will be cutting. Make sure that the blade is not actually touching the stock before you turn it on.
  • Advance the saw blade slowly and evenly making sure that it cuts straight through the work.
  • Never put the saw down until the blade has come to a complete stop!
  • Always unplug the machine to change the blades or to make any kind of adjustments.
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